Unearthing Australia's toxic coal ash legacy

In July 2019, we released shocking new research that reveals communities across the country are at serious risk from poorly managed coal ash waste – the toxic by-product of coal-fired power that accounts for nearly one-fifth of Australia’s industrial waste stream.

Unearthing Australia’s toxic coal ash legacy reveals shocking flaws in the management and regulation of coal ash dumps and is the first comprehensive national study of coal ash waste management in Australia.

Our research aims to provide state and federal governments a blueprint for national guidelines and recommendations that should be implemented immediately to reduce the toxic burden of coal ash dumps on Australian communities and minimise the threat to human and environmental health.

It also aims to provide communities with a checklist for coal ash dump management, rehabilitation, closure and post-closure planning to be used when engaging with regulators on coal ash dump matters including licence condition amendments, expansions, rehabilitation plans and proposals for new ash dumps.