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Climate justice

Living Wonders climate cases appealed to the Full Federal Court

Here's the latest on the legal intervention to protect Australia’s living wonders from climate harm.

No matter our background, age or postcode, we all want to live good lives in a healthy and just world, now and in the future.

But right now, we are living in a climate crisis. We're all experiencing the impact, but not evenly. Too often, the communities who've done the least to cause this are experiencing the consequences first and worst.

That's why we're using the law to compel governments to act, to transform industries, and to ensure justice is the foundation of climate solutions, today and tomorrow.

Our focus

Challenging new coal mines or gas wells

To protect our living wonders, we're in court challenging decision makers and fossil fuel companies for refusing to act on climate science.

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Human rights and climate justice

We're partnering with frontline communities and young people impacted by climate disruption, as they fight for climate justice and a fairer future.

Finance climate solutions, not fossil fuels

We're investigating and exposing the loopholes and subsidies corporations are using to fund climate damage.

The challenges are vast. The time to act is now.

The responsibility we carry at this moment in history weighs heavily on all of us.

Together, let's use the law to create a radically better world.

What we do

Reduce climate damage

On behalf of community groups, we run powerful legal cases and advocacy campaigns to stop the expansion of climate-damaging fossil fuels and remove the barriers to clean, renewable energy.

Facilitate a just energy transition

We use the law to accelerate the energy transition, ensuring all people  have access to low polluting, low emissions-intensive and affordable energy. We provide legal support for communities impacted most by the transition.

Secure climate justice

We partner with people at the frontlines of climate disruption, and advocate and litigate for climate solutions that also address the root causes of inequality. We work tirelessly for solutions that build resilience, agency and better lives.

Other impact areas

Make a difference

The challenges we face are vast. The time to push for large-scale system change is now.