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No matter where we live or how much we earn, we all should have a say about decisions that impact us, our families and our environment.

We all have a right to participate.

That's why we're here – to help you have a real say on our laws, policies and regulations. This includes a say in how they're developed, implemented and enforced.

We all have a right to information.

We passionate about helping you access timely and understandable information about environmental policies, projects and risks.

You have a right to know about environmental hazards, pollutants, potential health risks, and the decision making processes of government agencies and industries.

We all should be able to challenge decisions and actions that harm our health, our communities and our environment – and seek legal redress.

When the public responds with a huge outpouring of concern or support for environmental protection, decision makers feel huge pressure to act.

The more of us there are, the louder we become – until we are impossible to ignore!

Governments and agencies often have to ask the public to weigh in before they can make decisions or adopt or change regulations.

That's why we often invite you to share your concerns and personal experiences during government comment periods.

Your public comments go onto the official record, where they shape important government decisions – like how much agencies investigate environmental risks and how much information they release to the public.

When governments make weak or harmful decisions, we can use the public comments you write as powerful evidence in court.

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Call on Engie to properly rehabilitate Hazelwood mine

When the Hazelwood coal mine closed in 2017, it left behind a massive toxic pit.

Right now, we have an opportunity to ensure Engie’s plans to rehabilitate the mine are properly scrutinised.

Engie need to know people from the Latrobe Valley, to the heart of Melbourne, to the far ends of the state are calling on them to get rehab right.

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