Ending pollution

We all have a right to clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink and a safe, healthy environment.

But too often, communities suffer an enormous health burden from pollution, waste and toxic contamination – just because of where they live.

That's why EJA lawyers and campaigners partner with communities on the frontlines of environmental injustice.

Together, we're using the law to fight for clean air, swimmable rivers, clear skies and better lives.

Our focus

Toxic coal pollution

Pollution from coal-fired power stations seriously harms human health. Yet in Australia, coal-fired power stations are often missing the filters and pollution controls that are mandatory in the EU, US and China.

That's why we push for robust pollution monitoring, investigate and expose breaches and hold governments and polluters accountable in the courts.

Coal mine rehab

The damage from coal mining doesn't end when the digging stops. Leftover coal ash can poison our air and water and leach into farmland. Deep old mines can become toxic pit lakes that drain our rivers.

That's why we partner with local communities to make companies clean up old mines properly.

Waste and pollution

Our laws and government agencies are meant to protect our lungs and the water we drink – but too often, they fail to properly regulate toxic contamination and waste.

That's why we challenge inadequate regulations, advocate for better laws, and compel governments to enforce protections.

It's all connected.

By reducing air pollution and emissions that poison our lungs, we also limit climate change.

By keeping our rivers swimmable and drinkable, we protect vital ecosystems for wildlife.

Through partnering with communities at the intersections of environmental harm, inequality, racism and discrimination, we create a fairer future.

What we do

Partner with frontline communities 

We help communities impacted by environmental injustice access information and with legal and advocacy support.

Set powerful legal precedents

We set vital legal precedents and drive systemic change to transform industries, protecting the right to a healthy environment for everyone.

Hold governments and polluters accountable 

We represent frontline communities, holding decision-makers and polluting industries to account in the courtroom.

Here's some of our impact

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