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Join our team for a radically better world

We're a team of dedicated lawyers, campaigners and specialists. We use a powerful combination of public interest litigation and legal advocacy to create a world that's good for all of us (not just some of us).

For more than 30 years, we’ve been fighting for environmental justice.

We have a strong track record and some incredible successes inside and outside the courtroom for the people, places and wildlife we love.

Current opportunities

If you're looking to use your skills to make the world a radically better place – join us!

This ongoing, full-time position sits in EJA’s collaborative and multidisciplinary Engagement Team, and works across our legal programs.

Are you a law student or recent graduate?

We run two programs for law students to undertake legal research, assist on casework and projects and carry out administrative tasks.

  • Weekly volunteer placement program for a minimum of one semester
  • Summer and winter internships (two weeks during university semester breaks)

By volunteering at Environmental Justice Australia, you gain experience in public interest environment law, and help use the law to seek justice for communities, our climate and nature. Volunteers also make an invaluable contribution to our work and how much we can do for the community.

Are you a law student or recent graduate – or want to hone your skills in campaigning or communications? Are you interested in nature and environmental justice and the power of public interest litigation and legal advocacy campaigns?

Come join us to see how we use the law to empower communities, safeguard our climate, protect nature and support First Nations people fighting for Country and Culture.

EJA are looking for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are interested in an internship with us.

We are initially offering two internships for law students and recent graduates, or for people looking to gain experience in advocacy communications and campaigning.

Interns will be paid a stipend of $200 per day, and additional accommodation funding may be available for applicants who need to travel a long distance to take up the position.

Who we are

We have a strong track record of successful litigation, legal interventions and advocacy campaigns.

This comes down to our team – our hard work, dedication and collaboration with partners and clients.

How we work

We're ambitious

We work hard to have the biggest impact. We take intelligent risks. We push the boundaries. We support each other to aim high, fail fast and think bigger.

We collaborate

We know we're stronger when we work together, so we value good relationships and building trust. We share our knowledge and skills. We work in collaborations, partnerships and alliances.

Justice drives us

Our values drive everything we do. We strive to be equitable and inclusive. We listen to understand. We act in solidarity and partnership. We ask ourselves the hard questions and put in the work.

We treat everyone with respect

We treat each other with kindness, dignity and care. We value different perspectives and make space for open, equal, constructive dialogue. We champion diversity and inclusion and actively challenge discrimination.

We're positive

We believe a radically better world is possible, and we can build it together. We share wins and achievements and celebrate them together. When things don't go to plan, we learn and grow. We show and encourage appreciation.

We're always learning

We're not perfect. We take risks, try hard and sometimes get things wrong. But we're always willing to reflect, listen learn and do better.

How we take care of our team

Supportive and flexible work

We enjoy five weeks of annual leave a year plus an additional three days off (pro rata) over the Christmas period to recharge our batteries.

EJA staff and their families have access to our Employee Assistance Program. We’re also expanding wellbeing support through groups like Psychology for a Safe Climate.

We strive to support everyone's unique needs

We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for everyone.

We strive for flexibility and to meet the needs of all people through initiatives like flexible working agreements, special leave categories (including cultural leave, gender affirmation leave, and study leave), and allowances.

We run regular trainings and workshops to ensure EJA is a safe, affirming place for everyone.

Training and professional development

All EJA staff skill up with professional development and regular all-staff training programs.

All EJA staff participate in structured and supportive diversity, equity and inclusion training workshops to deepen our understanding and provide tools to interrupt inequity in the workplace and the world.

We learn from critical thinkers to expand our awareness and deepen our understanding, and share resources to strengthen our commitment to justice and creating a radically better world.

Caucuses, affinity and working groups

Another way the team at EJA intentionally cultivates an inclusive and supportive organisational culture is through affinity groups and caucuses.

These are safe spaces where people can connect, share resources and support each other. Current groups include:

  • EJA First Nations, Pasifika & people of colour caucus
  • Queer & LGBTQI+ caucus
  • Neurodivergent at EJA
  • Solidarity working group

Do you have diverse lived expertise?

We encourage you to apply! This includes First Nations, people of colour, LGBTQI+ people, neurodivergent folks and people living with disabilities.

Don't meet all of the selection criteria? We recognise structural barriers like racism, ableism, classism, homophobia and sexism impact opportunities to gain paid experience.

When assessing candidates, we look at more than just the jobs you’ve been paid to do. We also consider the range of ways you’ve picked up skills and knowledge throughout your life.

What does our hiring process look like?

1. Apply

Have a look at the EJA job opportunities above, and if something excites you, please apply!

When assessing candidates, we look at more than just the jobs you've been paid to do – we also value your broader skills and knowledge.

2. Interview

Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview with a few people from the EJA team.

If you need any accommodations to help you in the interview, let us know.

You'll get to to know us and we'll ask you some interview questions based on the role's key selection criteria.

3. Second interview

We often have second interviews to discuss more about the role and how your skills and experience align.

Depending on the role, we may also ask you to take part in a skills assessment.

You'll also get to interview us and make sure we're a good fit for you!

4. Reference calls and an offer

If we think you're a good fit for the role, we'll call three referees to understand how you collaborate with others and work best.

If all goes well, we'll make you a formal offer – and hope you'll join us!

Meet the EJA team

We're a team of smart, innovative, thoughtful and dedicated humans.

We come from a range of backgrounds and share a passion for social and environmental justice.

Our financials

We are committed to transparency, sound financial management and accountability.

We encourage you to investigate before you donate.

Join us

The law is a powerful tool to disrupt the status quo and make governments and corporations accountable.

Join us and let's build a radically better world.