Our legal work

Every day, EJA lawyers and campaigners use the law as a tool to create a radically better world.

We focus on working where we can make the biggest impact.

We are bold, innovative and strategic – using the law to hold decision makers to account and disrupt the systems fuelling destruction.

We focus on shifting the companies making the largest direct contribution to the problem. We expose destruction and injustice and challenge bad decisions. We crystallise risk for companies and shareholders.

We go to court to drive climate ambition. We challenge problematic regulatory frameworks and push for decisions based on sound science.

We partner with frontline communities, fighting for clean air and water and to make life safer and fairer.

We run urgent interventions and important court challenges to keep our forests standing for generations to come.

We focus on making the biggest the impact.

When we win battles in court, we know we have the potential to create lasting systemic change.

But our work isn’t just about winning cases – it's about using the law as a lever to create a radically better world.

We use multiple legal avenues and strategies, including administrative law, constitutional law, international law, and human rights law.

Sometimes our court cases run over many years. Some succeed in just days. Most are in between.

Some of our work never ends up in the courtroom. Often it's enough to have community members and groups backed by environmental lawyers, demanding information and asking questions.

Sometimes we achieve on-the-ground change through strategic legal interventions, high-stakes investigative research, media campaigns and public-interest advocacy.

We work pro bono for individuals and small volunteer-run community groups at the frontlines of injustice – because we believe we are stronger together.

We are committed to the law, our clients, to justice for all of us and this beautiful planet we call home.

What do we do?

We run landmark court cases

To set game-changing precedents and disrupt the systems that are fuelling destruction and injustice

We use strategic legal interventions

To run powerful legal campaigns to investigate, expose and demand action and accountability.

We advocate for better laws

To fix flaws in our legal system, push for better policies and improve the way our laws and made and enforced.

We help people have a say

To empower communities to access information, challenge decisions and participate in the legal system.

What is environmental justice?

No matter who we are, where we live, where we have come from
or how much we earn, we all deserve a healthy environment,
a stable climate and a say in the decisions that affect our lives.

Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people in the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.

It means we can all enjoy clean air and water, healthy communities and ecosystems, and homes free from toxic pollution – through sustainable management, protection and regeneration of our environment.

The law is a powerful tool.

Let's use it together.