Our legal work

We focus on making the biggest the impact.

When we win battles in court for our clients and communities, we know we have the potential to create lasting systemic change.

But our work isn’t just about winning cases – it's about using the law as a lever to create a radically better world.

We use multiple legal avenues and strategies, including environmental law, climate and energy law, culture and heritage law, water law, public and administrative law, corporate and consumer law, as well as constitutional, international, civil, mining, criminal, and human rights law.

We are committed to the law, our clients, to justice for all of us and this beautiful planet we call home.

What do we do?

We run landmark court cases

Setting game-changing precedents and disrupting the systems that are fuelling destruction and injustice

We use strategic legal interventions

Running powerful legal campaigns to investigate, expose and demand action and accountability.

We advocate for better laws

Fixing flaws in our legal system, pushing for better policies and improving the way our laws and made and enforced.

We help people have a say

Supporting communities to access information, challenge decisions and participate in the legal system.

Let's use it together.