Protecting nature

We're using the law to protect nature and regenerate ecosystems that are vital for life.

We do this because the biodiversity on this continent is like nowhere else on Earth.

Neon beetles and curious marsupials. Birdsong echoing through ancient rainforests. Wetlands croaking with the gutbucket concerts of frogs. 

Yet right across Australia, a startling number of vital ecosystems are in peril. 

Australia has one of the worst extinction records on the planet.  

Our ecosystems are so complex and delicately interconnected. They shape not just the lives of frogs and beetles — but our climate, soil, food, air, water, livelihoods, health and happiness. 

Under pressure from a rapidly warming climate, land-clearing, over-extraction and deforestation, entire ecosystems are collapsing before our eyes. 

What we do

Defend nature from destruction

On behalf of community groups, we run public interest court cases and strategic legal interventions to stop the destruction of the places and wildlife we love.

Support communities to use the law

We work tirelessly because we believe community power, backed with legal support, can hold governments and corporations to account for their actions and secure environmental justice.

Push for environment laws that work

We advocate for good laws and forward-thinking policies that regenerate our ecosystems, curb extinction and guide industry so we can all live in balance with the natural world, for the long term.

Other impact areas

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