Our story

We are Environmental Justice Australia.

We're a public interest legal organisation for a radically better world.

We exist because the challenges are vast, and the time to act is now.

We believe the law is a powerful tool, and we're not afraid to use it.

We partner with communities at the frontlines to deliver environmental justice.

We transform industries. We make governments more responsible. We crystallise risk for companies and shareholders. We make communities safer and fairer. We support First Nations fighting for Country and Culture. We protect our climate. We keep our forests standing.

For more than 30 years, we've delivered justice for nature and people

We use a unique combination of public interest litigation and legal advocacy campaigns to hold power to account.

We seek justice for creatures and communities. For this beautiful continent we call home. For everyone who comes next.

What do we do?

We run landmark court cases

We set game-changing precedents to change the systems that are fuelling destruction and injustice

We use strategic legal interventions

We run powerful legal campaigns to investigate, expose and address pressing environmental justice issues.

We advocate for better laws

We fix flaws in our legal system, push for better policies and improve the way laws are made and enforced.

We help people have a say

We empower communities to access information, challenge decisions and participate in our democracy.

We're a bold, innovative and impactful public interest organisation.

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Our vision

Our vision is a legal system that delivers environmental justice for communities and protects and regenerates nature.

This looks like an Australia where:

  • First Nations people lead and are recognised for their vital role caring for Country.
  • Communities are empowered to participate in decision-making and have access to justice
  • Our laws, policies and institutions enable people and nature to thrive, today and tomorrow.

Our values


We aim high and always focus on achieving maximum impact for communities, nature and our climate.


We work in partnership with the community and other organisations because we are stronger together.


We treat everyone with respect and value different perspectives as we know we all hold a piece of the puzzle.


We stay hopeful and seek solutions because we believe a better tomorrow is possible.


We keep justice at the core of everything we do so no-one is left behind, as our struggles are interconnected and we can only solve them together.

The challenges are vast. The time to act is now.

We believe the law is a powerful tool to create a radically better world.

Our history

For more than 30 years, we have delivered environmental justice for nature and the community.

We started out as a government-funded community legal centre. Now we are a game-changing, community-powered national organisation.

Back when we were the Victorian Environment Defenders Office, we provided legal advice and representation to hundreds of people and community groups fighting to protect our land, air and water.

Then in 2014, when our government funding was cut, we saw an opportunity to build a new kind of public interest legal organisation. We knew the law can be a powerful enabler of social change – but also a powerful blocker.

We built our capacity to drive systemic change where the law falls short with compelling advocacy campaigns and expanded our work to other parts of Australia.

Now, we are Environmental Justice Australia.

We carry forward a proud legacy of working with the community to fight for environmental justice as we tackle the most pressing issues of our time.

In recent years, we pioneered climate risk litigation globally, filing the world’s first legal action against a superannuation fund for failing to adequately consider climate change risks.

Our game-changing court cases to stop logging in ancient native forests and threatened wildlife habitat prompted Bunnings to ban the sale of native timbers and forced governments to end logging in Victoria’s old-growth forests.

Our national clean air campaign put the health impacts of coal pollution on the map, initiating Parliamentary Inquiries and driving vital law and policy reforms to protect community.

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Make a difference

The challenges we face are vast.

The time to push for action, transparency and large-scale system change is now.

Our financials

We are committed to transparency, accountability and sound financial management.

We encourage you to investigate our track record.

Join us

The law is a powerful tool to disrupt the status quo and make governments and corporations accountable.

Join us and let's build a radically better world.