Legal support

Looking for legal support for environmental damage or injustice?

We take on a small number of public interest legal matters where we can have the biggest impact.

What kind of legal support does EJA offer?

We provide vital legal support to the community where we can have the biggest impact.

For more than 30 years, we've delivered environmental justice for nature and people, initially as government-funded Community Legal Center, and now as an independent, community-powered national organisation.

We focus on legal matters that are in the public interest, where we can make a system-level impact with long-term and far-reaching outcomes (rather than just one-off smaller-scale wins).

For example, we:

  • Run public interest court cases to set game-changing precedents for the most pressing environmental issues
  • Run targeted, strategic legal interventions to drive ambition on climate action and environmental protection
  • Prioritise legal work that influences the broader debate around environmental justice, decision making and the social license of companies.
  • Target the companies that make the largest direct contribution to the problem
  • Challenge legal and regulatory frameworks that make widespread destruction possible.

This means we do not provide ad hoc legal support across a multitude of issues – there are so many issues, we'd never have time for the big things! 

What types of clients do we represent?

We prioritise acting for individuals and communities bearing the brunt of environmental injustice, often at the intersection of overlapping harms. This includes:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • People and communities experiencing discrimination, financial disadvantage, exclusion and ongoing injustice
  • People with a disability
  • People who live in regional or remote areas of Australia
  • Young people

We act for individuals, community groups and non-profit organisations on environmental protection and environmental justice matters that are of significant public interest.

We do not act for:

  • Local councils, government departments and statutory authorities.
  • For-profit businesses, unless there is a sufficient public interest objective.
  • Permit applicants, respondents to enforcement orders, or defendants to prosecutions for environmental offences or alleged contraventions of environmental laws.
  • Other legal professionals in their capacity as legal professionals (unless they are a Community Legal Centre, another public interest legal organisation, or a lawyer representing a client in a matter within our priority impact areas).
  • People in localised matters such as neighbour disputes or individual tree removal.
  • Clients seeking individual compensation.

Request legal support

We receive a high volume of requests for support and have limited resources.

Please consider whether your request meets the above criteria before getting in touch.