First Nations justice rally with large Aboriginal flag

First Nations justice

For thousands of generations, First Nations people have cared for their Country. Using Aboriginal law, communities kept our forests, rivers, and wildlife healthy and thriving.

But the violence of colonisation, decades of mismanagement, over-extraction and burning fossil fuels, has caused immense harm to First Nations communities and the health of Country and Culture. 

We are supporting campaigns led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to achieve justice and to restore the health of Country and Culture.

Our focus

There can be no climate and environmental justice without First Nations justice.

As an environmental justice organisation, we know that First Nations justice is inseparable from the fight to protect nature, safeguard our climate, and stand up for the communities most impacted by environmental harm.

We believe as non-Indigenous settlers, we have a huge responsibility to listen, learn and act to help fight for First Nations justice – 365 days a year.

Check out our guide for a collection of First Nations perspectives from across the continent, and First Nations led campaigns and organisations we encourage you to support.

What we do

Legal support for First Nations communities

We provide legal and advocacy support to First Nations communities fighting for Country and Culture.

Land rights for Traditional Custodians

We represent First Nations people to win legal recognition for the right to manage Country and the policies to support it.

Protecting Country and Culture

We support First Nations communities managing Country to ensure governments deliver on laws and policies with funding and resources.

The law is a powerful tool

Let's use it together, for good.