Nature thrives

We share this continent with some of most unique animals, plants and ecosystems on the planet.

These ecosystems underpin all of our lives. We depend on them for the food we eat, the water we drink, our livelihoods, our health and happiness. 

But right across Australia, our ecosystems are in peril. Forests are being destroyed at such a rate that Australia is a global deforestation hotspot alongside the Amazon and Congo. Entire ocean and river systems are collapsing.

That’s why at EJA, we are using the law to protect and regenerate five key ecosystems at the brink of collapse. We are pushing governments to enforce and improve our environment laws. We are using the law to hold corporations to account. And we are partnering with communities and social justice organisations because we are stronger together.


Our focus

Halt degradation and curb extinction

On behalf of community groups, we use the law to urgently stop destruction of the places and wildlife we love.

Secure longterm protections

We add legal support to community campaigns to litigate and advocate for strong and lasting nature protections.

Recover and restore

We hold governments to account for laws and policies that bring wildlife back from the brink and help nature thrive.

Our priorities

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