Defending native forests

Native forests under threat

From towering Mountain Ash trees to ancient Gondwanan rainforests found nowhere else on Earth, Australia’s native forests are magnificent.

They're the lungs of communities. They clean our air and filter our water. They're homes for threatened wildlife, and key to tourism. They're also vital climate solutions. Victoria's forests are are some of the densest carbon sinks on the world.

The Victorian Government has announced the end to many kinds of native forest logging, but we're concerned about exceptions and loopholes.

And logging continues to decimate extraordinary, ancient forests across Tasmania and New South Wales.

Since colonisation, more than two thirds of Australia's native forests have been destroyed.

Following a decade of intense fires, it is more important than ever to protect what's left.

What we're doing

Winning legal protection for forests in the courtroom

Our formidable forest litigators represent citizen scientists and community groups to keep the bulldozers out of Victoria's native forests.


Empowering communities, citizen scientists and activists

We create essential community resources for forest defenders, and push back against laws that seek to criminalise forest protest.

Advocating for stronger laws and more accountability

Through behind-the-scenes work and in partnership with other organisations working to protect our forests, we call for law reform, seek accountability and build public pressure to end native forest logging.

Publicly funded destruction

Most native forest logging is coming to an end in Victoria, but EJA lawyers and partners are making sure the government doesn't create loopholes to keep bulldozing and burning vital wildlife habitat indefinitely.

VicForests has a legacy of illegal logging. Dozens of court challenges and investigations by scientists, community groups, citizen scientists and environmental organisations have shed light on the extent of VicForest's unlawful activities, including illegal logging, killing threatened wildlife, surveillance of scientists and campaigners, breaching environmental protections, and greenwashing and mismanagement.

Why are native forests so important?

Critical habitat

Native forests provide critical habitat for iconic animals and threatened wildlife, and offer respite to all who visit them.

Vital for life

Our forests filter the air we breathe and the water we drink, and are homes to insects that pollinate our crops, providing us with food security.

Carbon stores

Ancient native forests help regulate our climate and slow climate change by acting as critical carbon stores.

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