New National Parks

It’s time to celebrate and protect Victoria’s breathtaking forests

After decades of logging and destruction, we finally have a chance to give Victoria’s breathtaking forests the long-term protection and celebration they deserve. 

The end of native forest logging was a huge win for Victoria’s forests and the wildlife and people that call them home.

But right now, this win is only as good as a politicians promise.

Until we have lasting legal protection, the Allan Government could change their minds any day. If elected, the opposition has already vowed to immediately re-start logging across the state.

It’s time for a huge groundswell of support from people across Victoria, calling for Premier Jacinta Allen and Victorian Environment Minister Steve Dimopoulos to celebrate, connect and protect Victoria’s breathtaking forests for all of us – and future generations –  to enjoy.

Add your name to the petition calling on the Allen Government to create lasting legal protection with:

  • New National Parks across Victoria, jointly managed by Traditional Owners and
  • World Heritage nomination for our state’s most extraordinary forests

Victoria’s forests are extraordinary. They’re habitat for endangered animals and safe havens for ancient trees. They’re the lungs of communities, hubs for tourism, and magical places to rest and play. They are ancient, unceded Country.

Let’s celebrate and protect them – for good.

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