Climate justice

A large turtle swims through reef waters

No matter our background, age or postcode, we all want to live good lives in a healthy and just world, now and in the future.

But right now, we are living in a climate crisis. We are all experiencing the impact, but not evenly – marginalised communities are experiencing this first and worst. If we don’t act now, we will lock in the biggest intergenerational injustice of all time.

We can turn this around – the solutions are here, now. That’s why at EJA we are using the law to compel governments to act, to transform industries, and to ensure justice for the people most affected is at the foundation of all climate solutions, today and tomorrow.

Our focus

Reduce climate damage

On behalf of community groups, we run powerful legal cases and advocacy campaigns to stop the expansion of climate-damaging fossil fuels.

Facilitate a just energy transition

We use the law to accelerate the energy transition, ensuring all people  have access to low polluting, low emissions-intensive and affordable energy. We provide legal support for communities impacted most by the transition.

Secure climate justice

We advocate and litigate for climate solutions determined by the people who bear the brunt of climate change to secure a healthy, safe and thriving future for everyone, equally.

Here’s how

Living Wonders legal intervention

A legal intervention requesting the Environment Minister reconsider 19 new coal and gas proposals – and protect Australia’s living wonders from climate harm. Read more

Climate Justice Legal Project

An innovative partnership using the law to empower communities across Victoria to advocate and litigate for climate justice.
Read more

United Nations human rights complaint

Five brave young Australians’ UN human rights complaint over the Australian government’s failure to act on climate change.
Read more

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