Finance climate solutions,
not fossil fuels

A key solution to the climate crisis is replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy – fast.

But there's a huge barrier: the power of the fossil fuel industry.

So what can we do?

Use the law to target the tax incentives, loopholes, subsidies and funding streams.

EJA lawyers are running diverse legal interventions to investigate and scrutinise funding streams for fossil fuel projects.

Why is fossil fuel funding a problem?

Over decades, coal and gas companies have benefited from public subsidies, loopholes and funding streams from government.

In 2022-23, Australian federal and state governments gave fossil companies $11.1 billion worth of subsidies and tax breaks.

Looking at forward estimates, our state and federal governments are promising to spend $57.1 billion on fossil fuel subsidies over the next four years – an increase from the Morrison Government's plans.

Instead of using public money to massively scale up climate solutions like clean energy and big batteries, they are funding more climate destruction.

This public funding artificially props up the industry, obscuring the true cost of fossil fuels and enabling these companies to continue exploring for and extracting coal, oil and gas.

This is delaying the rollout of renewable energy and making the transition increasingly disruptive and unjust.

"In this critical decade for climate action, we believe these funding streams cannot continue – or at the very least, climate harm must become a mandatory consideration for government funding."

— Retta Berryman, Senior specialist lawyer and EJA climate lead

Our goals

Challenge the funding

We use the law to challenge financial backing for fossil fuel expansions, including coal, gas and Carbon-Capture and Storage. These projects are destroying our climate, and are high risk and expensive.

Expose human rights abuses

We using the law to expose human rights harms from fossil fuel projects and critical infrastructure in Australia – increasing investor and shareholder pressure on companies and removing their social license.

Supporting the climate movement

We provide legal support and expert advice to climate advocacy organisations, helping their campaigns challenge fossil fuel funding and financial support.

Together we can loosen the grip of the fossil fuel industry in Australia

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