Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Glencore's proposed project

In May 2024, EJA made a submission to the Senate Inquiry on Glencore’s proposed CTSCo carbon capture and storage project in the Great Artesian Basin.

Glencore proposes to injection test up to 333,000 tonnes of CO₂ into a water aquifer in the Great Artesian Basis. The process is known as CCS technology and is inherently risky. It poses risk of significant environmental and human health impacts because of potential pipeline failing, leaks, and air pollution. There has been significant community concern about the risk Glencore’s project poses to the environment and agriculture sector.

Glencore’s proposed project was not subjected to federal environmental review under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth). As further CCS projects continue to emerge, (such as the recent Esso project in Gippsland, Victoria), there is a real need for scrutiny and stronger regulations, particularly on managing pipeline risks. Further, any CCS buildout requires strong and comprehensive regulation prior to permitting to manage risks across the lifecycle and ensure long-term liabilities remain with the operator.

CCS is not a viable technology and has no viable role in Australia's climate change mitigation strategy.