The Future Fund

Investing in EJA's future

Your gift to EJA's Future Fund is the key to creating a lasting impact.

By making a gift to the Future Fund, you provide urgent and sustained funds to support our game-changing legal work, now and into the coming decades.

The Future Fund is an endowment fund – a rolling investment fund that provides planned and secure income to EJA.

It serves as a cornerstone of our financial independence, ensuring EJA's vital work continues for generations to come.

This fund is vital to our ability to be bold and fearless: to challenge destruction, hold the powerful to account, and use the law to create a radically better world.

In 2022, a visionary donor planted the seed for EJA's long-term sustainability and independence by establishing an endowment fund.

Your gift to the Future Fund doesn't just sustain game-changing legal work today – it empowers environmental lawyers to use the law in bold and strategic ways for the future.

The Future Fund is powerful tool for creating lasting impact. The fund serves as a financial reservoir that provides a reliable source of funding, even in uncertain times.

The fund is carefully cultivated to provide sustainable funding for EJA's game-changing legal work in perpetuity. By preserving the principal amount and investing ethically and strategically, then drawing on the investment returns, the fund enables EJA to maintain financial stability and independence.

As well as long-term confidence, your gift to the Future Fund provides an annual distribution to cover our core operating costs, to seed new initiatives and power urgent legal actions as they arise.

The Future Fund is in trusted hands. Governed by a committee of of EJA Board Members, our Reserves and Investments Policy ensures transparency, impact and accountability every step of the way.

We're committed to aligning our investments with your values. We never financially support any activities that are contradictory to EJA's mission.

We seek out investment avenues that yield financial returns to boost your impact, while adhering to an ethical investment overlay to ensure your contribution makes a meaningful impact on the issues that matter most.

As a donor to the Future Fund, you're becoming a catalyst for lasting change. You're not just part of our story; you're the driving force behind it.

Your contributions are tax-deductible, but the impact you make is immeasurable.

Your contribution to the Future Fund is not just a donation. It's an investment in nature, our climate, environmental justice and Australia's future.

Please get in touch with our Relationship Coordinator, Azalea Azarae, via the form below for more information on the Future Fund and how you can be part of it.

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