Land justice

Since the first sunrise, Aboriginal Nations have cared for their Country and Culture.

They’ve nurtured the land and waters, seas and skies. They’ve cared for family, community and ancestors.

Today, First Nations communities continue to care for and heal Country and Culture and fight for justice and the future, despite centuries of colonial violence and destruction.

They have the solutions and know best what their communities need.

That's why EJA lawyers are providing legal support to First Nations people so they can create new legal avenues for self-determination, control and agency over land.

First Nations people are the knowledge keepers of some of the oldest forms of jurisprudence – or philosophies of law – on Earth.

These legal systems were not codified in books. First Nations communities used them to resolve conflicts, make strategies for peace-making, and sustain and guide relationships with Country, kin and Ancestors.

But colonisation brought violence, death, war, genocide, and expropriation of Aboriginal peoples from their Country. Aboriginal Law and its transmission were widely disrupted.

But despite the ongoing injustice and discrimination, First Nations people have resisted, survived and adapted.

The law has also been a focus of resistance and a framework of action.

First Nations people are fighting for legal ‘recognition’ of their rights and interests.

So EJA lawyers are providing legal support to lay the foundations for pathways for Aboriginal authority, control and agency for land.

How are we supporting First Nations land justice?

Legal support for First Nations communities

We provide legal and advocacy support to First Nations communities fighting for Country and Culture.

Land rights for Traditional Custodians

We represent First Nations people to win legal recognition for the right to manage Country and the policies to support it.

Protecting Country and Culture

We support First Nations communities managing Country to ensure governments deliver on laws and policies with funding and resources.

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