Community legal toolkit

Forest protectors in Victoria

In the face of catastrophic bushfires and as our climate and ecosystems collapse before our eyes, the right to protest native forest logging is more important than ever.

Across the continent, we are seeing an alarming trend of state governments moving to impose tighter restrictions and harsher penalties on protestors standing up for our forests and the animals that live in them.

Communities have long used peaceful protest to safeguard important environmental and civic values.

Below are two guides covering essential information and addressing some of the most common legal questions and issues that arise in forest actions.


Legal guide for forest protectors in Victoria

The Legal Guide for Forest Protectors guide was prepared by Environmental Justice Australia (EJA) and Lawyers for Forests Inc. (LFF). This comprehensive guide incorporates the amendments to forest protest laws in the Sustainable Forests Timber Act 2004 (Vic) in effect from 20 May 2023.


Laws applying to forest activists in Victoria

This short fact sheet covers the most important things to know about your rights in the forest and common offences.