VicForests’ appeal hearing for the Possums Case

30 April 2021

VicForests’ appeal hearing has wrapped up! After three days in the Federal Court in Sydney, our legal team are heading home to await the outcome of the appeal.

The team arrived at the steps of the Federal Court in Sydney on Monday and were greeted by supporters like The Knitting Nannas and Friend, it means a lot to have so much community support.

Our legal team presented our case before a full bench of the Federal Court, comprised of the Honorable Justices Jagot, Derrington, and Griffiths.

We felt the hearing went well and we now await the judges’ decision. Thank you to everyone who donated and showed up to support our team. Because of you, we were able to put the best case forward with the best legal team to protect our possums!

Let's use the law to create a radically better world.