Tackling our water crisis

How sustainable is the government’s strategy for southern Victoria?

The Victorian Government is preparing a Sustainable Water Strategy (SWS) for the Central and Gippsland region of Victoria, south of the Great Dividing Range.

Our latest report Tackling our water crisis – how sustainable is the government’s strategy for southern Victoria? summarises progress to date and outlines the many issues still in need of attention.

The Sustainable Water Strategy is required to set the strategic agenda for managing Victoria’s water resources (in southern Victoria) for the next 10 years. It must:

  • find ways to improve the environmental condition of rivers and wetlands in the region;
  • address the impacts of climate change; and
  • provide for secure water supplies for cities, towns and agriculture. This SWS will be crucial because it will be the first attempt seriously to tackle water issues in the actual, unfolding climate crisis.