Submission on Delta Electricity’s application for a licence variation at Vales Point

Sunset Power International (trading as Delta Electricity) (Delta) has made its third application
to be ‘exempted’ from complying with emissions limits that were first introduced in 2005 and
scheduled to come into effect in 2012.

Environmental Justice Australia (EJA) and Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) welcome the opportunity to provide a submission to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in relation to this application. Attachment A to this submission is an export report prepared by Mr Bruce Buckheit.

Australia’s current air pollution standards are significantly weaker than the WHO guidelines
on air quality. The research and understanding of the concentrations of pollutants and their
health impact has increased dramatically since 2005. Air pollution is harmful to health and
there is no safe level of air pollution.

If the EPA grants Delta’s application it will have a significant adverse impact on air quality and