Donate to power game-changing court cases to save wildlife on the brink.

From greater gliders with gigantic ears, silently gliding between treetops to gigantic southern right whales with distinctive spots as unique as our fingerprints in our oceans.

Across Australia, our wildlife is pretty extraordinary. Yet thousands of Australia’s most unique wildlife species are on the brink of extinction.

Our laws are meant to protect threatened wildlife. But right now, too often, these laws are not applied or not enforced.

If we can raise $250,000 by the end of June, we plan to run bold, public interest court cases to increase legal protection for ghost bats, southern right whales, Murray cod, long-footed potoroos, swift parrots and greater gliders – and their habitat.

These creatures all play vital roles in the ecosystems they're part of. Once they're extinct, they're gone forever.

With your support we can:

  • Hold governments and corporations to account when they break the law, and fail to protect our wildlife, communities and climate.
  • Run bold strategic litigation that sets game-changing precedents that transform the systems fuelling destruction and injustice.
  • Empower communities with legal knowledge, tools and support to have a say and challenge decisions that impact them.
  • Fix flaws in our legal system, push for better policies and improve the way laws are made and enforced.

Australian wildlife needs healthy forests, flowing rivers, thriving oceans and clean air. And we do too.