Call on the Victorian government to give communities a say on new mining laws

The Victorian government is about to gut mining laws, paving the way for companies to undertake mining without community input, oversight or transparency.

The Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Bill 2023 is set for debate in Victorian Parliament next week. In the government’s own words, they’re slashing red tape for mining companies.

But if we act now, we have an opportunity to press pause on the debate. If enough MPs across the State hear their communities’ outcry, the debate could be postponed until we’ve all had a chance to have our say.

Will you send your local MP a quick email right now, sharing your concerns about the Bill, and asking them to call for proper community consultation?


We all deserve to have a say on decisions that impact us.

The Victorian government's proposed changes include:

  • No requirements to consult the community about new mining projects or changes to existing projects
  • Allowing companies to self-assess the risks of their mines to the environment and local communities
  • Reducing oversight of mining operations
  • Reducing public transparency over mining projects through removing the requirement for operators to provide a key publicly accessible document

Tips for writing an impactful email

  • Begin by introducing yourself, where you live, and why this issue matters to you.
  • Write a unique subject line to make your email stand out.
  • Keep the tone of your email firm and respectful.
  • Make your ask clear, and re-iterate it at the end of your email. We suggest making two asks in your email – which we have included in our draft:
    • Ask the Victorian Minister for Climate Action, Energy and Resources and the State Electricity Commission, the Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP, to commit to a thorough public consultation on the Bill
    • Withhold support for the Bill until a public consultation process can occur.