Making a complaint

Have a concern or complaint you'd like to raise?

A person wishing to make a complaint may do so in writing or verbally to:

  • the staff member they were dealing with at the time, unless you are making a complaint
    about this person
  • the CEO
  • the Board

If the complaint is about a staff member or about a decision of the organisation, the complaint will normally be dealt with by the CEO.

If the complaint is about a CEO, the complaint will normally be dealt with by the Board Chairperson.

You can send written complaints to [email protected].

The Office Manager will be responsible for receiving this correspondence and directing it to the appropriate person.

Lodging an appeal

Clients or their advocates may lodge an appeal if they disagree with a decision made by the
organisation, or by a staff member. An appeal should be made in writing and submitted to the CEO or Board Chairperson.

Procedure for complaints and appeals management

The person managing the complaint will be responsible for:

1. Processing the complaint or appeal:

  • registering the complaint or appeal in the Complaints Register
  • informing the complainant that their complaint has been received and providing them with information about the process and time frame.

2. Investigating the complaint or appeal:

  • examining the complaint within 2 weeks of the complaint being received
  • investigating the complaint and deciding how to respond
  • informing the complainant by letter within 3 weeks of the complaint being received of what is being done to investigate and resolve it, and the expected time frame for resolution

3. Resolving the complaint:

  • making a decision or referring to the appropriate people for a decision within 3
  • weeks of the complaint being received
  • informing the complainant of the outcome:
    • upheld (and if so what will be done to resolve it)
    • resolved (and how this has been achieved); or
    • if no further action can be taken, the reasons for this.
  • Informing the complainant of any options for further action if required.

What if I am not happy with the resolution?

If you are not happy with the outcomes of a complaint, and your complaint is about the legal conduct of EJA or its lawyers (or both), a complaint may be made in writing by any person or body to the Legal Services Commissioner, through their consumer enquiry form:

If you are not able to use the online form you can call the Legal Services Commissioner on (03) 9679 8001 or 1300 796 344 (toll free) to arrange a time for someone to talk to you about your issue.

Victorian Legal Services Commissioner
GPO Box 492
Melbourne VIC 3001
[email protected]
1300 796 344

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