Our natural places, wildlife and community need a lawyer now

Your gift today will deliver justice for nature – because every living being has a right to thrive

The impacts of climate change and collapsing ecosystems will disproportionately fall on our young people, those already experiencing disadvantage, and our native species – many already on a pathway to extinction.

First Nations peoples’ rights and expertise in caring for Country are also rarely recognised in our policies and laws, a situation that needs to change immediately.

At Environmental Justice Australia, we know that justice can only occur when individuals and communities are empowered with legal representation and advocacy tools. This combination helps ensure that strong laws and policies can exist to safeguard the quality of our air, soils, water, landscapes, and animals.

Today, your donation will support a dedicated team of lawyers to win justice for the places and wildlife we love and depend upon. Together we will:

  • launch litigation and legal interventions for people, places, and wildlife most at risk
  • hold governments and corporations to account in court when they fail to protect our air, water and wildlife
  • empower communities that bear the brunt of environmental harms with legal and advocacy support
  • build public pressure with advocacy campaigns that will harness communities’ growing demand for action on our extinction and climate crises

To maintain our independence, we rely on our supporters’ generosity to ensure the natural places and communities most at risk of environmental harm have a legal team.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today so we can continue to defend nature, climate and communities.

Thank you for your generosity.


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