Democratic rights

Everyone should have equal access to clean air and water and green spaces to enjoy, regardless of our postcode, income or the colour of our skin.

Healthy communities also enjoy strong democratic rights, a meaningful say in how the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the places and wildlife they love, are managed.

But right now, communities experiencing disadvantage bear the brunt of environmental harms like pollution and climate change. First Nations people, young people and elderly people, people living with disabilities, and communities living with low income, are often the most impacted and left out of decision making.

We empower communities experiencing disadvantage with legal and advocacy support to enforce their democratic rights. We represent communities fighting inappropriate developments, mines, and other projects that could damage their local environment. We hold Environmental Protection Authorities to account when they fail in their role to protect our environment from harm. And we fiercely defend the community’s right to advocate and protest and to hold governments to account in the court when they fail to protect the places and wildlife we love.

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