Justice for First Nations

For over 65,000 years, First Nations peoples have cared for Country and kept our forests, rivers, and wildlife healthy and thriving.

But the violence of colonisation, decades of mismanagement, over-extraction and burning fossil fuels, has caused an immense amount of harm to First Nations communities and the health of Country and Culture. Today, First Nations communities continue to bear the brunt of environmental harms – a gross injustice they have long been fighting to correct.

In the hands of Traditional Custodians, Country and Culture can thrive again. By supporting campaigns led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to return rights and authority over Country, First Nations people can achieve the justice they deserve and the health of Country and Culture can be restored. 


Our focus

Support First Nations communities

Provide legal and advocacy support to First Nations communities fighting for Country.

Return rights to Traditional Custodians

Represent First Nations people to win legal recognition for the right to manage Country and the policies to support it.

Restore health to Country and Culture

Support First Nations communities managing Country to ensure governments deliver on laws and policies with funding and resources.

Our priorities

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