Climate and finance

Investing in renewable energy and other industries that are good for our climate is the right thing to do in a climate crisis — and it’s also a smart business decision.

As the world transitions away from polluting fossil fuels and embraces the clean, renewable energy boom, bankrolling industries that damage our climate is a bad investment.

Australian regulators have confirmed climate change is a financial risk. Big businesses are factoring it into their plans. People are choosing to move their money to ethical banks and super funds. But climate risks are not being taken seriously enough by all investors, including governments who are still funding projects like Adani’s giant Carmichael coal mine.

We conduct bold research to demonstrate climate risk to investors. We hold governments, banks, and superannuation funds to account over climate risk with court cases and campaigns. And we make sure any public funding for fossil fuels is rigorously tested against our climate laws.

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