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Clean air is the foundation of health.

But every day, coal-burning power stations are pumping some of the most toxic and harmful pollutants to human health into our air.

These power stations are seriously harming people’s health. They are one of the biggest sources of air pollution in Australia, and breathing dirty air is giving kids asthma, making babies underweight, and leading to strokes, heart attacks and lung cancer.

Dirty air is an invisible killer endangering our communities. This impacts kids in the playground, shoppers in the high street and old people in the park. Breathing dirty air can lead to a lifetime of health complications – having an impact at every stage of life.

We are working with communities at the frontline to use the law to safeguard community health. We are advocating and litigating for real pollution controls and ensuring power station operators clean up their toxic mess – to make sure no one has to worry about the quality of the air they – or their children – breathe.

Because breathing is non-negotiable.

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