CSG and Fracking

Image of lawyer Ariane Wilkinson with community

In a significant win for Victorian communities, on 30 August 2016 the Victorian Premier announced that the government will pass laws to implement a permanent ban on the exploration and development of all onshore unconventional gas in Victoria, including fracking and coal seam gas.

A Legal Handbook for the coal and gas movement

Environmental Justice Australia in conjunction with CounterAct recently celebrated the launch of the Campaigners’ Handbook – for coal and gas campaigners.


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Victoria’s mining laws do not require that landholders be informed or consulted when a mining company is licensed to explore for the coal seam gas (CSG) under their land.  One of our clients found out that there was an exploration licence for CSG granted over his farm when a journalist rang him to ask how he felt about the licence.

The push for better mining laws in Victoria took a step forward this week; but there’s still a long way to go before Victorians can be sure that their health and their environment are being protected.

Coal Seam Gas ruins good farmland and locks us into a fossil fuel future at a time of dangerous climate change. We’re working to support community rights to environmental health from CSG, fracking and coal mining.

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