Clean Air

Coal-fired power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley

Victoria’s Hazelwood power station – Australia’s dirtiest – is preparing to close down, but three more coal-fired power stations still operate in the Latrobe Valley.

Do you want to use your skills to help the environment and the health of the Australian community?

We have audited the monitoring of air pollution from coal mines in NSW and found significant errors.

Independent Inquiry of the Environment Protection Authority report: welcome recommendations for reforms to environment protection.

What’s in the air that we breathe? We believe that all Australians have the right to breathe clean air, but right now, the laws are not keeping pace with the science. Particulate pollution – tiny pieces of matter suspended in the air – can be emitted by industry and some kinds of vehicles. They can cause serious health effects like asthma. That’s why we advocate for national clean air laws, particularly for particulate pollution.

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