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Delivering environmental justice takes time and commitment. Litigation often takes years, so the powerful court cases we run and the systemic change they deliver is only possible because of the generous and dedicated support of our community.  

A monthly gift is one of the best ways to help build the strongest case for environmental justice for us and our courageous clients. With our regular donors’ ongoing support, we know that no matter how long a case runs we can continue turning up to court.  

Some recent priority projects include: 

  • Supporting five inspiring young people to bring Australia’s inaction on climate change before the United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Keeping the chainsaws out of habitat for fire affected threatened wildlife after the catastrophic Black Summer Bushfires and winning forest litigation that prompted Bunnings to ban the sale of native timbers
  • Stopping AGLs proposed gas terminal in Westernport Bay, a diverse ecosystem of pristine Ramsar listed wetlands, seagrasses and beaches in Victoria

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