Become an Environmental Justice Champion

Environmental Justice Champions are dedicated individuals making significant contributions that ensure nature and communities have a legal voice.

As trusted allies, they help us respond quickly when nature, climate, and communities are under immediate threat. With the support of Environmental Justice Champions we can also plan and build the case for long-term change.  

We take our Environmental Justice Champions investments seriously and commit to using the funds in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. We also ensure that our champions are up-to-date with what their support makes possible. They enjoy a range of unique experiences that include:   

  • attending confidential online briefings each month with EJA’s legal team
  • receiving regular updates on current litigation and upcoming legal actions  
  • engaging directly with our Co-CEOs through in-person and phone updates on our activities  
  • joining in-person events and site visits with our donor community, the EJA board, and EJA’s legal team  

    Are you interested in joining this committed group?  

    For more information or to meet with our team members to discuss our work, please get in touch with our Development Manager, Greer Allen, via the contact form below.  

    Your gift will create positive change

    Our ultimate goal is a healthy world where people and nature thrive. To achieve this, we need a legal system that delivers environmental justice to communities experiencing disadvantages and holds governments and corporations to account for their role to protect the places and wildlife we love. Enforcing and strengthening our environmental laws is one of the most powerful ways to secure a safe and healthy future for nature and the community. Litigation can create change in ways that other cannot, and vital legal precedents won in court can deliver environmental protections that last for generations.

    We need laws that protect everyone’s right to a healthy environment and independent institutions to govern them. Laws that not only reduce environmental harm, but also restore and protect our climate and natural world so they can thrive again.

    A significant gift to EJA will help achieve this. You will support our team to apply our legal and campaign expertise to empower communities to defend nature and climate in court, driving legal and policy reforms that fix the system where it is failing.

    Your generous donation will help

    • empower communities who bear the brunt of environmental harms with legal and advocacy support
    • hold governments and corporations to account in court when they fail to protect our air, water and wildlife
    • run bold strategic litigation to set vital legal precedents that drive systemic change and deliver long-lasting protections for people and nature
    • test the boundaries of existing laws and where they fall short, drive vital law and policy reforms to fix flaws in the justice system

    As an Environmental Justice Champion, you can direct your donation to a particular area of interest and be kept up to date on what your support makes possible.

    Nature thrives

    The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places and wildlife we love all sustain us. But right now, we are living in a pollution and extinction crisis caused by burning fossil fuels, excessive land-clearing, and over-extraction.

    Donate to power our three-year legal campaign to protect ecosystems at risk of collapse and wildlife facing extinction.

    Climate justice

    Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. Without urgent action to slow dangerous global warming, what we stand to lose is unimaginable.

    Donate to help us use our legal expertise to stop projects that will make climate change worse, to support the transition to clean, renewable energy, and to protect people and nature from the devastating impacts of rising global temperatures.

    Healthy communities

    Everyone has a right to a healthy environment –but right now, communities experiencing disadvantage – including First Nations people, young people and elderly people, people with disabilities, and low-income communities are often most impacted first and worst by environmental harms.   

    Donate to provide legal support to people hit hardest by environmental harms and fix the justice system to deliver environmental justice for everyone. 

    First Nations justice

    First Nations peoples have cared for Country and kept our forests, rivers, and wildlife healthy and thriving since time immemorial. But colonisation, mismanagement, and over-extraction has caused an immense amount of harm to First Nations communities and the health of Country and Culture.  

    Donate to our First Nations Justice team to support campaigns led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to restore legal rights and authority over Country. 

    A message from our Co-CEOs

    “We believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment. The work that EJA does is the reason we studied law in the first place – to protect the world around us. Environmental justice is about so much more than preserving the natural world. Environmental lawyers advocate for everyone to have the same protections from health hazards, no matter where we live, work or play.

    Our vision as Co-CEOs is to build on EJA’s 30 years as the legal arm of the environment movement and leverage our team’s legal expertise to be a force for positive change. We believe combining strategic legal actions with working hand in hand with courageous communities is a powerful way to stand up for nature, protect the climate for future generations, and give voice to marginalised communities impacted first and worst by environmental harms.

    We want to build a better legal system that delivers justice to nature, climate, and community, instead of serving those harming our environment and shared future. We take on the hard cases because of our independence, which is made possible through the dedicated support of our generous donors.”

    – Nicola Rivers and Elizabeth McKinnon, Co-CEOs


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