Become an EJA Guardian

Everyone has the right to a healthy environment. A world where we all have equal access to sustainable food, water and livelihoods, where our homes are safe and on stable ground, and the places we love like our reefs, rivers and forests thrive.

But right now, we are living in a climate and extinction crisis, and the most disadvantaged people bear the brunt of environmental harms.

On behalf of the community, we take on legal cases for the most pressing environmental issues of our time – curbing extinction, fighting for a safe climate, and restoring justice to communities suffering environmental harm.

Making a lasting impact takes commitment. Litigation can take years, so the groundbreaking court cases we run and the systemic change they deliver is only possible because of the generous and dedicated support of the community.

Become an EJA Guardian by giving a monthly donation. Regular support is one of the best ways to help build the strongest case for environmental justice and our courageous clients – no matter how long the case runs.

Become an EJA Guardian so together we can:

  • empower communities who bear the brunt of environmental harms, with legal and advocacy support
  • hold governments and corporations to account in court when they fail to protect our air, water and wildlife
  • run bold strategic litigation to set vital legal precedents that drive systemic change and deliver long-lasting protections for people and nature
  • test the boundaries of existing laws and where they fall short, drive vital law and policy reforms to fix flaws in the justice system

Environmental justice is about so much more than protecting the places and wildlife we love. As environmental lawyers, we advocate for everyone to have equal access to clean air and water, safe green spaces to enjoy and a meaningful say in how their local environment is managed no matter your postcode, income, or the colour of your skin.

Your generous and regular commitment to EJA will help create a healthier and more just world for everyone. A world where people and nature thrive. Thank you for standing with us.


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