These incredible giants need permanent protection.

Together we will:

  • Run landmark court cases – setting game-changing precedents and injunctions to defend our forests, and creatures that call them home from destruction.
  • Advocate for stronger laws and ambitious, meaningful and smart reforms when laws are broken or not for purpose.
  • Launch advocacy campaigns that hold government accountable to communities and nature.
  • Support communities to use the law and help fight for environmental justice.

Cases like WOTCH, which helped pave the way to end (most) native forest logging in Victoria, show why forest litigation is so important.

But while we celebrate today, we know we cannot rest.

If we work together, we can put an end to disaster logging before it gets out of control, use our environment laws to protect our National Parks from exploitation, and create new National Parks to securely protect our native forests for good – with Traditional Owner management front and centre.

As we get started on this new chapter, we’d be grateful for your support.