Donate today to use the law to push for genuine climate solutions

Your tax-deductible donation today will support a dedicated team of lawyers to push for genuine policy on climate and extinction.  

With your support, on behalf of our clients, we can use litigation and legal campaigns to push for genuine action on climate and extinction.

Together we can:

  • Use legal interventions and litigation to ensure this government retires old coal mines and gas plants, and prevent any public funding or approval of new fossil fuel developments that would only take us deeper into the climate crisis.
  • Provide legal scrutiny for our clients at the front line of the climate and extinction crisis to ensure any government policies secure justice for communities today and tomorrow.
  • Provide legal and advocacy support to people impacted by coal closure, ensuring companies clean up and rehabilitate old mine sites, and governments diversify local economies to set communities up for the future.
  • Work with experts to ensure all new laws and policies are based on science and genuinely protect and regenerate our precious places and wildlife.
  • And if we have to, we will litigate when governments and corporates break the law and break their promises.

What happens next – how far we go, how courageously, towards which future – is up to all of us.

Thank you for giving generously.

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