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With the twin threats of climate and extinction, we need to double our efforts.  

If you donate today, fellow supporters will double your donation, dollar for dollar, before 30 June, up to $50,000. Donate now to have your gift matched. 

The scale of these issues can be hard to wrap your head around. But there’s at least one key solution to both challenges, and it’s right in front of us:  Trees.  

Trees take carbon out of the air and can help repair our fractured climate. Tree hollows and branches keep threatened species safe, to sleep soundly and raise their young. Trees also provide a refuge for us, to connect with things bigger than ourselves and inspire awe and wonder.  

EJA lawyers uses the law to stop logging and keep the forests breathing for another day. At the same time, we fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground and stem the flow of funding to destructive industries. Right now, our lawyers are fighting to    

  • Protect the right of citizen scientists to survey our forests for threatened species to halt logging 
  • Stop the expansion of fossil fuel extraction so we can transition to renewables more quickly  
  • Push for stronger laws to ensure the recovery of creatures under threat of extinction. 

Every action counts. Your part is critical to making legal action possible.  

A tax-deductible donation today can help keep our forests standing.  

Thank you for donating generously today. 

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