Renewable Energy

Offshore wind farm by Vattenfall

Kim Shore writes about options for Australia’s first offshore wind farm.

Moreland Energy Foundation

EJA’s Sustainability Law Lab recently attended an event called Lawyers as Changemakers...

co-design in action

The Sustainability Law Lab attended the Community Energy Congress at the Melbourne Town Hall on 27-28 February. Over 500 people voiced visions and declared actions for a new, clean energy system.

The Congress itself was filled with a buzz of optimism about our agency to create a better future. Some highlights:

Last week we saw the new Federal Government take action to abolish three of the bodies set up to help Australia deal with climate change.

At a time of dangerous climate change, a healthy future for our environment depends on a rapid transition to renewable energy. We’ve been working hard to support the expansion of renewable energy in Australia. We educate communities on anti wind farm laws. Our Sustainability Law Lab works to help create legal models for operating renewable energy projects. And we’re advocating strongly to remove Australia’s anti wind farm laws.

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