Climate Change Mitigation

Great Barrier Reef 'in danger'?

Brendan Sydes looks at the prospect the Great Barrier Reef will be designated ‘World Heritage in danger’.

Adani's Abbot Point coal terminal

Westpac is considering climate risk by not funding new thermal coal mines in Queensland. The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility should take heed.

Hepburn Wind Farm (pic courtesy Geelong Sustainability)

Renewable energy is booming. Now is the time to create locally owned and resilient energy systems.

What do we think of the Essential Services Commission's decision to increase the minimum feed-in tariff?

Our governments need to take responsibility for reducing our emissions. A key part of this is passing the right climate laws. We’re working to hold our governments to account for their climate responsibilities. We know where our regulations are failing, and we work with our partners to draft new laws and strongly argue for their implementation.

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