Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest threat to our environment, and to all people.

Our  governments are abandoning their responsibility to reduce Australia’s emissions to avoid dangerous climate change. Worse, the Abbott government is accelerating climate change by stripping back our emissions and renewable energy laws while  fast tracking coal and CSG.

We are working to

  • Reduce greenhouse emissions by stopping the expansion of fossil fuel extraction and power generation.
  • Encourage accountable corporate behavior in emission reduction by making sure pollution costs
  • Support the expansion of renewable energy in Australia.
  • Explore legal options to fill the vacuum on emission reduction laws in Australia

Fossil Fuel Extraction

To avoid climate catastrophe, Australia urgently needs to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Adani's Abbot Point coal terminal

The Queensland government says it will not facilitate a loan for Adani's proposed coal railway.

Renewable Energy

A healthy future for our environment depends on a rapid transition to renewable energy.

Offshore wind farm by Vattenfall

Kim Shore writes about options for Australia’s first offshore wind farm.

Climate Change Mitigation

Our governments need to take responsibility for reducing our emissions. A key part of this is passing the right climate laws.

Great Barrier Reef 'in danger'?

Brendan Sydes looks at the prospect the Great Barrier Reef will be designated ‘World Heritage in danger’.

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World Heritage and Climate Change


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