Clearing the air: environmental injustice and air pollution

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Environmental Justice Australia seminar, 8 July

Every year more than 3000 people die prematurely from exposure to air pollutions. Thousands more are made sick and lose years of healthy life from illness suffered as a result of exposure to air pollution.

The impacts of air pollution affect everybody but they affect some far worse than others. The most polluted places are typically less well off and the most vulnerable are those who are already sick. 

Environmental Justice Australia has highlighted these issues in our recent report Clearing the Air: Why Australia Urgently Needs Effective National Air Pollution Laws. Building on the report, this seminar will look at the issues surrounding the impacts of air pollution and how best to regulate it to protect both human health and the environment.



Merryn Redenbach (Doctors for the Environment Australia)

Dr Merryn Redenbach is completing advanced training in Paediatrics, specialising in Community Child Health. For the past five years, she has volunteered, and now works, for Doctors for the Environment Australia, who seek to protect human health through preventing harm from pollution and other environmental degradation. Merryn has presented to community groups, local and federal governments and other decision makers on the issues of air pollution as well as health risks of coal, coal dust and unconventional gas mining.

Brad Jessup (University of Melbourne)

Brad Jessup is an environment specialist at the University of Melbourne. He is a member of the Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law. Brad is especially interested in the law of place, the human and environmental experience of harm, and the role of the law, society and policy in responding to risk and harm. Brad is currently completing his PhD with the Australian National University on the topic of concepts of justice in Australian environmental law. His PhD, which critiques the law from a theoretical and philosophical perspective, responds to the question: Are Australia’s environmental laws just?

Nicola Rivers (Environmental Justice Australia)

Nicola is the Director of Advocacy and Research and author of the recent Environmental Justice Australia report Clearing the Air: Why Australia Urgently Needs Effective National Air Pollution Laws. She has previously worked as a lawyer and policy officer with the Federal Government and the Western Australian Government advising on international marine policy, climate change, water and criminal law. She also spent two years working as the remote rural and regional solicitor at the EDO in Western Australia. Nicola is currently completing a Master of Environment and is the co-founder of The Riparian Project, a public art initiative that raises concern about river health.