Submission to the NSW Government on its Draft Clean Air Strategy

April 26, 2021

The consultation period for the NSW Draft Clean Air Strategy 2021-2030 (Draft Strategy) closed on 23 April 2021 and EJA made a detailed submission, which you can read here.

In our submission, we call for the Government to adopt the recommendations in The People’s Clean Air Action Plan for NSW, which outlines the policy platform that the Government should adopt in order to tackle the four largest sources of air pollution in NSW, being: coal-fired power stations, coal mines, vehicle pollution and wood-burning heaters. We call for the Government to reduce air pollution by:

  • increasing air quality monitoring and access to information about air pollution;
  • reducing coal-fired power station pollution with best practice control standards;
  • reducing vehicle pollution, with a focus on vehicle pollution hotspots;
  • phasing out wood-burning heaters; and
  • legislating health-based ambient air quality standards

Click here to read more about The People’s Clean Air Action Plan for NSW.

The Government will now consider all submissions on the Draft Strategy and recommend changes to the Draft Strategy as necessary. It will provide the Minister for Energy and Environment with the final strategy, all the submissions and the submissions report.

The NSW Government will then consider the final strategy and once approved, it will be published on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website and stakeholders, including those who made a submission on the Draft Strategy, will be notified.

Thank you to all our supporters who made a submission to the NSW Government on clean air! Although the submission period is now closed, we encourage you to continue the fight for clean air by:

  • asking Matt Kean to take action to ensure the Government delivers clean air for NSW, see here.
  • using our resources toolkit to write a letter to the editor, request meetings with MPs and Ministers and use social media to spread the word, see here.
  • talking about air quality with your friends and family and inviting people in your community networks to get involved.

Read our full submission here.

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