Reformed Zones for Victoria

May 26, 2014

The Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, has announced proposals for sweeping changes to Victoria's planning zones to be introduced as early as October 2012.

The changes include creating new residential zones to distinguish between low-density and high-density areas, and allowing more types of development (including agriculture) in Green Wedge zones.

In our submission we have recommended the following:

Rural Zones

  • The proposed reforms to the Green Wedge, Green Wedge A and Rural Conservation Zones represent yet another attack on green wedges, and should be abandoned entirely.
  • The minimum lot size in the Rural Living Zone should be maintained at 8 ha.
  • That ‘industry’ not be included as a permitted use in the Farming Zone.
  • That environment and biodiversity protection remain in the purposes of the Farming Zone.

Residential Zones

  • The process for allocating new residential zones to particular areas must allow for genuine community participation, and be accompanied by an environmental justice assessment.

View submission Reformed Zones for Victoria (September 2012) (PDF, 278KB)

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