Protecting Victorian Wetlands

May 14, 2014

Victoria’s wetlands are some of the most ecologically rich and productive ecosystems in the state. They are home to a large  number of plant and animal species, and provide valuable ecosystem services like flood prevention, bushfire prevention, water purification and carbon storage. At least two thirds of Victoria’s wetlands have been lost since settlement, amounting to around 4,000 natural wetlands and 191,000 hectares. Remaining wetlands are threatened by a lack of water, physical change for development, pollution, and poor land management.

Unfortunately, the framework for protecting wetlands in Victoria is stuck in the past. This report analyses the current law and policy applicable to wetland protection and proposes new approach to protecting and sustaining the valuable ecosystem services and invaluable threatened species habitat that they provide.

View report Protecting Victorian Wetlands (December 2012) (PDF,1MB)

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