Lets tell the VIC EPA its time to clean up Yallourn power station

The figures are out and once again it’s clear that coal-fired power is bad for our health. 

According to the National Pollutant Inventory, EnergyAustralia reported that Yallourn power station increased dangerous PM2.5 pollution an extraordinary 82 percent on the previous reporting year, despite producing less electricity. 

Communities in the Latrobe Valley are being exposed to toxic fine particle pollution that can cause serious illnesses like asthma, lung cancer and heart disease.  

The people in charge of protecting our health from pollution – the EPA – must hold operators accountable. 

Together with Doctors for the Environment, Lung Foundation Australia, Asthma Australia, Healthy Futures, Voices of the Valley, Environment Victoria, Australian Conservation Foundation and Friends of the Earth, we’ve lodged a legal complaint with the Victorian EPA calling for an investigation into the shocking increases in toxic fine particle PM2.5 pollution from Yallourn power station. 

Join the call and demand the EPA makes Yallourn power station clean up its act. 

The amount of toxic air pollution pumped out by Australia’s fleet of ageing coal-fired generators would be illegal in most other countries. 

This toxic industry has not moved to control and reduce air pollution, despite technologies being readily available and the EPA hasn’t made them.  

When 4800 Australians die every year from air pollution and coal-fired power stations are responsible for an annual health bill of $2.6 billion, we must speak out. 

Together, let’s make sure coal-fired power stations clean up its act. 

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