Have your say on Victoria’s wildlife protections

Right now, instead of protecting our native animals and their habitat, Victoria’s wildlife protection laws are enabling their decline. 

Not only are these laws failing to protect our native animals from the serious threats of land clearing, pollution, and climate change – they are also enabling the deliberate killing of thousands of precious creatures like the wedge-tailed eagle and koala. 

Victoria’s Wildlife Act 1975 has its origins in old hunting laws, is not driven by clear policy or science, and has never been reviewed. 

It’s no wonder it grants individuals legal permission to kill protected native wildlife in droves and does little to punish those who kill them illegally. 

The Victorian Environment Minister has begun a critical review of the Wildlife Act 1975 (Vic) this year. We have to make sure she hears loud and clear that the community wants a major upgrade to our wildlife protections. 

Will you email Minister D’Ambrosio and tell her to make sure the updated Act puts our native wildlife first? 

Personal stories are powerful. Add a personal message about native wildlife you love and want to see protected. 

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