Call on Engie to properly rehabilitate Hazelwood mine

When the Hazelwood coal mine closed in 2017, it left behind a giant toxic pit.

Six years on, the mine’s operator, Engie finally has plans to clean it up – but we’re concerned that the half-baked plan to flood the old mine with river water don’t put the best outcomes front and centre for the community or the environment.

But right now, we have an opportunity to ensure Engie’s plans are properly scrutinised.

Sign the petition, calling on Engie to:

  • Properly rehabilitate the Hazelwood mine so it’s safe for the community and local environment, for the long term
  • Thoroughly investigate the environmental impacts of their current plan to create a pit lake
  • Scope other rehab options to see if they have better outcomes for the community

Engie needs to know people from the Latrobe Valley, to the heart of Melbourne, to the far ends of the state are calling on them to properly rehabilitate Hazelwood mine – so that the community who has powered our state for decades can have a clean, safe environment to live in.

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