Call on the Victorian environment minister to step up on air pollution

New toxic air pollution data is a stark reminder that our government urgently needs to step up.

It’s an incredible injustice that our government is ignoring toxic air contamination in the Latrobe Valley. 

These communities have powered our state for decades and continue to deal with the serious health consequences of the coal-fired power stations in their backyards. 

Send a quick email calling on the Victorian Environment Minister, Ingrid Stitt, to:

  • Take a good, hard look at this concerning pollution data 
  • Act now to control toxic air pollution from coal-fired power stations 
  • Include the Latrobe Valley in the Victorian Clean Air Strategy 

We’ve drafted an email to get you started, but the best emails are ones that are unique and personal.

You could introduce yourself at the beginning of the email and explain why you care about coal pollution and environmental justice – and add your own subject line! 

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