Make a submission to the NSW Air Pollution Inquiry

This summer, millions of people were exposed to toxic bushfire smoke for weeks, fueled by climate change that could very well worsen in the years to come if we don’t take action.

Seeing Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney on the world’s most polluted cities list put air pollution on the map for all of us.

Each year, almost 5000 Australians die from exposure to air pollution and thousands more suffer serious health issues like stroke, lung cancer and heart disease. And that’s without counting the new threat of bushfire smoke.

The NSW Parliament has launched an Inquiry into the health impacts of air pollution with a focus on the bushfires – it’s critical they hear from those affected.

Will you make a submission to the Inquiry and have your say on the impacts of air pollution and how the government should protect our health?

It’s so much more impactful if you write a submission in your own words. We’ve created an easy submission guide so you can write your response from scratch. Or have your say here using our email template.

For your email submission to be accepted it is essential that you include the following information in the body: First name, Surname, Address, Suburb/City, Country, Postcode, Contact Number and Email. 

Let them know whether you are lodging this submission as an indvidual or on behalf of an organisation. 

Also let them know whether you’d like the committee to consider: 

  • Making the submission and your name public.
  • Making the submission public but withholding your name.
  • Keeping part of the submission confidential.
  • Keeping the submission confidential.

Thank you for speaking out.

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